Monday, 31 October 2011

Team Training..

As you know I am joining Stampin Up as a demonstrator and a few weeks ago I attended their team training in Southampton.  It was a fab day, the ladies were all really lovely and I came away really inspired to make this a success.

We had some business training and also made some cards, drank coffee and ate cake, so all in all, a perfect day in every way!!!

Here are some cards we made along with a little box, really cute!!!

The cards in the little box.

These cards were made with a scrap booking kit called Tea Time and have minimal stamping.  The stickers are a really thick card (almost chip board).  I'm not sure I can give this away - think I like it too much!!!

Hope you have all had a lovely Halloween and have lots of treats to tuck into tonight!!

I am now waiting for Tesco to deliver my shopping so best go and be prepared.
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Saturday, 29 October 2011

French Foliage

We had a great time at Cadbury World and a lovely few days with our friends.  The kids got on beautifully and us adults behaved aswell......  We are already planning our next trip for next year...

Have been very slack on the crafting front at the moment and not quite sure why but have made a card this afternoon for my lovely Daddykins whose birthday it is early next month.  As always it was a struggle to think of a masculine card and I have to admit to a bit of surfing the internet to get some inspiration.

 A close up of the stamping.  I only used black ink but stamped it onto scrap paper to lighten the colour (I think it's called second generation stamping but not sure!)
It's really simple but quite striking!  I only hope that my Dad isn't looking over my Mums shoulder when shes checking out my blog!!!

We have had a really lazy day today and I'm looking forward to a lazy evening in front of the TV.  I don't often watch telly but we do have an X Factor family night on a saturday.
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Monday, 24 October 2011

Delicate Doilies.

Oh my goodness!!!! 

I have just been looking at ebay and I saw that I had a message on there from this guy asking me why I hadn't paid for a comic I had bid on!!!!!!  I have a case open against me and everything but all I can think of is my delightful son has been looking and bidding away happily......
I replied, apologising profusely, and explained.  I did offer to still buy the comic if he hadn't managed to re sell it but how awful!!!

Anyway, now I am over my shock, I received a new stamp set called delicate doilies and was having a play at the weekend.....

It's a really lovely set and one I think I'll use lots.  The colours are the new in colours for SU this year, pool party, calypso coral and lucky limeade.

We have a fairly quiet week planned this week and then away for the weekend....Cadbury World here we come!!! The boys know they are going away but don't know where to but they will be in heaven...especially Aaron who does have a particularly sweet tooth!!(don't know who he takes after....ha.....ha!)

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Sunday, 23 October 2011

A matching set...

I did decide to make a matching card for the happy couple so this is the last post about this....I promise.

The party was last night and it was fab to see some old's amazing how fast time goes, it's been years since seeing some of them!!!

We've been to a Christening this afternoon so it's been a busy weekend but now we have half term so we can have a chilled week.

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Friday, 21 October 2011

My brainwave....

Whilst posting yesterday I had a brainwave about the engagement present and the candles so this morning (before breakfast and getting ready for work!) I got crafting!!!!!

Really pleased with this......

A little gift bag!

All together....

 Although I sent them a card at the time of the announcement, looking at this, I feel it needs a matching card to complete the little gift.  The boys are at a party tomorrow afternoon so I might have time to make a quick one.

Going to work now so thanks for stopping by.
Take care xxx

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Something a bit different....

My, hasn't it turned I know that seems a bit silly as it is October but it seemed to creep up a bit.  I had to scrape my car this morning....I don't like it! Bring back the sunshine!!!

Haven't had a bad week all in all but they just seem to fly by at the moment.  We did have parents evening on Tuesday and thankfully the boys are doing really well and their teachers are happy with them so all good there!!!

I have worked a bit extra this week (extra money is always good!) and I'm working tomorrow.  Then I am off out in the evening to see a Lord of the Dance type show.  I'm going with my Mum, sister and some ladies from my old dance class (I used to tap dance!) so it should be a good night out.

So, I have tried something a bit different and whilst sitting here I have had a brain wave which I will share later in the week but until then, have a look......
My first attempt!!!

This really was easy and looks really effective.  I stamped the image onto tissue paper then cut it out (quite close to the image but it doesn't have to be perfect).  Place the stamped tissue paper onto the candle and wrap some greaseproof paper around the candle to be able to hold  it with. Then heat it slowly with a heat gun (not too long as the candle will start to melt) but you will see the change and know when its done.

My second attempt!!!!

Can see some christmas gifts happening......a bit a of ribbon and a gift bag - hey presto!!!

I'm off now to have a slice of the bread I baked today.....and a cuppa.
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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Engagement Presents ???

We have been invited to an engagement party on Saturday night and I have been racking my brain as to what to buy the happy couple!!!  As with most people these days, they live together and have most things they need but I don't want to go empty handed.

So, I've gone for a really unoriginal bottle of champers....

My plan was to re-label it but I am quickly running out of time and so I have done this......

All supplies are SU as I used my starter kit that arrived yesterday!!!  The stamp is from a set called easy events which has a stamp  for every occasion.  The cardstock is island indigo and very vanilla.

Personally, I can't stand champagne (I'm a cheap date!) so I would be disappointed with this but hopefully they won't be....

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Monday, 17 October 2011

An excited little me!!!

So, I think I mentioned that I had signed on the dotted line to become a Stampin' Up! demonstrator....well, things are beginning to happen!  My starter kit arrived today and it's full of lovely things that I just can't wait to play with......
It's not the best picture but you get the idea. 

My launch party is on November 10th and I am getting very be making up some samples pretty soon.  I went to the regional quarterly traning on Saturday and had a great time.  The girls are all so lovely and so very talented but I think I'm going to enjoy this.
We made some great projects and I recieved some great swaps!!  I will share the projects with you just as soon as I finish them off.
And then ( I ever stop rambling!) my lovely Mum and Dad have bought me a fab crafting bag on wheels to go to my workshops with, they are the best!!

Well, thanks for stopping by,
Take care xxx

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Thank you cards....again

Wow, it feels that Thank you cards are all I've made in the last two months.  This time, however, I was a bit wiser and made them all the same, give or take a bit.

I just have to pin Aaron down to write them now....boys will do anythig to not write!!!!

For everyone....

These are little postcard type cards using the Baroque Motif stamp set from SU with perfect plum and old olive inks.

These are for both sets of grandparents.....

I am babysitting this afternoon so I'm looking forward to that, he's soooo cute.  I'm still to make a Christening card for him but I'm a bit stumped at what to do.  As always, boys cards are tricky but he is 1 now so he's a bit older to make a traditional card with robes and things.  Oh Well, I'll keep trying and let you see what I decide on.

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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Bits and Bobs... bad am I???

Can't believe it's been over a week since I last posted anything but what a week it's been...

Aaron has had his 9th birthday, he had a great day and was very spoilt (who isn't these days!).  The boys then had a rugby tournament (they didn't do too well, a bit like England in the world cup,so less of that the best!)  Aaron has been on his first Army camp and loved it and today I have been in hospital with Elliot with suspected appendicitis!!!  Now it's all written down I can see why I haven't been doing ANY crafting....just not had the time!

Just an update on my decision about becoming a Stampin' Up! demonstrator....well, I have signed on the dotted line! I have been on a training day and have another this weekend and I am just waiting for my starter kit and then I'm off.  It's quite scary but also very exciting.  No doubt, I'll keep you informed.

So, I though I would let you have a look at some bits I made a while ago, a couple of boxes.

It would have helped if the photos were up the right way but you get the picture.  The triangle one is made from one sheet of card, no cutting or sticking involved so it's really quick and easy.

So, I have to get back into the mood and get organised but hopefully life will start to slow least my life isn't boring (well, might be to some but not to me!)

Elliot is fine now by the way, they think it is possibly just grumbling appendix and so we just have to keep an eye on him.

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Take care xx